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Colony Worlds

Do You Digg Colony Worlds?

19 Aug 2010, 23:53 UTC
Do You Digg Colony Worlds?
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No, this is not a rethorical question, but rather a necessary post in my quest to import my site into the new Digg.
So unless you are fascinated with raising pigs on Mars, growing bamboo off world or wondering which worlds are safe to live upon, this post is not meant for you.
But if you decided to stop by and visit, feel free to explore about, and if you feel like chatting feel free to contact me at your leisure.
Remember, space is not just a place full of radiation, rocks and retro geek scientists. Space (or rather the worlds that occupy within it) is our inheritance, one that your kids (current or future) will tread upon and view with their own eyes.
After all, “The Earth is the cradle of mankind, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever!” ~Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
For those of you looking for an invite to the new Digg, I still have a few left (although you better contact me before I run out of invites to hand out!


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