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Is Orion Right-Side Up Or Upside-Down?

1 Dec 2019, 22:23 UTC
Is Orion Right-Side Up Or Upside-Down?
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If you live in the northern hemisphere something’s not quite right about Orion in this photo. It’s … upside down! This is the view from near Buenos Aires, Argentina at latitude 35° south. The bright star at right is Sirius, which shines beneath Orion for northern skywatchers. Piqui Díaz
I have a friend who lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina who loves to photograph the sky day and night. Her name is Piqui Díaz, and she often shares images of clouds and night-sky scenes taken with a basic cellphone on Facebook. For many, a smartphone is our only camera, and while it produces surprisingly good photos in daylight, night shots — without additional software or a high-end phone — are trickier.
Neptune photographed with an inexpensive Huawei cellphone on November 30, 2019 from Ezeiza, Argentina through one half of a pair of 7-power (7x) binoculars. Details: 8 seconds, ISO 3200. Piqui Díaz
But with care and determination it’s amazing what you can do. Díaz recently used her phone and the working half of a pair of broken binoculars to take photos of the asteroid Vesta and the planets Uranus and Neptune from her light-polluted suburban location. Sitting as still as a ...

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