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Bad Astronomy

Being grateful for, well, everything. Literally.

28 Nov 2019, 14:00 UTC
Being grateful for, well, everything. Literally.
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Today is Thanksgiving in America, a day we take a moment out of our lives to commemorate things we are thankful for (and also eat a lot of really great food).

I think there are a couple of ways to do this. The word "thankful" implies someone to thank; and of course we can be thankful to the people in our lives for what they mean to us. I'm all for that!

But there's also "grateful," which can be interpreted as being thankful when there's no person to thank. For example, I'm thankful my wife loves me and is there for me, but I'm grateful that circumstances led to us meeting all those years ago.

Thankful is an active thing, so you can thank those folks. Grateful is more passive, for things that happen.

Although I feel both, in this space today I want to acknowledge something I'm grateful for.

When I was a kid, just starting to learn the mechanics of astronomy — how the phases of the Moon worked, why some planets appear to move backwards in the sky, how stars orbit around the galaxy — I ate it all up and was amazed by it all. I ...

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