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Can Quantum Effects Occur at Mega-scale?

26 Nov 2019, 23:30 UTC
Can Quantum Effects Occur at Mega-scale?
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An article of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) Director of Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informational Technology, Artyom Yurov and the Institute's Associate Professor, Valerian Yurov was recently published in European Physical Journal. The scientists have released their calculations, according to which the Universe may have quantum properties.Artyom Yurov explained:"To begin with, let's remember what quantum physics is. Perhaps this is the most amazing phenomenon known to people. When scientists started studying atoms for the first time, they noticed that everything works "upside down" in the microcosm. For example, according to quantum theory, an electron may present in several places simultaneously.Try to imagine your cat simultaneously lying on the sofa and eating from its bowl that is in the other corner of the room. The cat is not either here or there, but in both places simultaneously. But the cat is there only BEFORE you look at it. The moment you start staring at it, it changes the position to EITHER the bowl OR the sofa. You may ask, of course, that if the cat acts so weird only when not observed by us, so how do we know that it actually acts this way? The answer is ...

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