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Mars and Me

Spirit Sol 576

17 Aug 2010, 00:18 UTC
Spirit Sol 576
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Ray Arvidson says, "We'll be at the summit, if we're lucky, next week. Summit Two (this hill has two peaks, and that's the nearer and taller one) was about 120m from our last target, and we did about 30 over the weekend."But someone else reports that Larry Crumpler's localization puts us only 45m away, half that distance. I ask Ashitey for the scoop, and he grins and rolls his eyes. "Nobody knows," he says."Did I just hear them say there's about 50m of uncertainty?""That," Ashitey agrees, "plus or minus 100."It's rather like what happened as we approached the base of this hill. We were obsessed with reaching the base, and when we got there it was just a gradual slope -- a transition, but not an abrupt one, from plains to hillside. There was never a dividing line that said "You Have Now Reached Husband Hill." And now that we're reaching the top, it's the same thing: we're looking for a flag, forgetting that we came to plant it.LTP finally comes on the line (they were knocked out by lightning, which destroyed the badge readers at their University of Arizona building) and speaks to the point, though they don't offer ...

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