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Astro Bob

Full Frosty Moon Poses For Pictures Tonight

12 Nov 2019, 18:03 UTC
Full Frosty Moon Poses For Pictures Tonight
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Last night’s full Beaver Moon gleams in the northeastern sky as cars pass on a road near my home. Bob King
With the Mercury transit taking up so much of yesterday I didn’t even mention another bit of news. It’s the full Beaver or Frosty Moon. Because the moment of full moon occurred this morning at 7:34 a.m. CST we’re fortunate to get two nights of full moonness — last night and tonight. Last night, the brilliant lunar disk rose a little before sunset. Tonight, because it’s moved further to the east, it rises about 25 minutes after sunset. Click here to find out your moonrise time.
That means we’ll see it come up in a darker sky, making it easy to tell where it will rise along the northeastern horizon. First, find a location with a good view in that direction and scan back and forth about 5 minutes before moonrise looking for a telltale glow-spot that gives away the moon’s rising point. I always bring a camera and pair of binoculars along to capture images of the squished celestial fruit and its lumpy, jagged outline. The moon’s edge is rarely smooth at rising because variations in the temperature ...

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