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Astro Bob

Tandem Transit With Mercury

12 Nov 2019, 04:02 UTC
Tandem Transit With Mercury
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Mercury near mid-transit a little after 9 o’clock this morning. The photo was taken through a 3-inch scope at 20x. Bob King
Mercury and I were both in transit today. As the little planet sped across the vast solar disk I traveled 150 miles from Duluth to Minneapolis to attend a family funeral. The weather kept my transit interesting — sunny in Duluth, cloudy in Moose Lake, snowing in Pine City followed by sunshine in Hinkley. Each minute that expired, Mercury moved another millimeter and I another mile.
Three guys headed to Duluth enjoy a look at the transit earlier today through a small refractor outfitted with a solar filter during a gas stop in Hinkley, Minn. Bob King
We stopped at two gas stations where I shared the planet’s progress through a small telescope with curious passersby. Maybe it’s Minnesota but people felt comfortable wandering up and asking directly “What are you looking at?” One guy on his way north to Duluth stepped up to the scope, looked in and exclaimed that Mercury looked like a “pimple,” a wonderfully accurate description.

Mercury Transit November 11, 2019. NASA’s orbiting captured Mercury’s smooth moves today in several different “flavors” of ultraviolet ...

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