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The Story Behind Planet’s Legendary Launch Pancakes

8 Nov 2019, 17:51 UTC
The Story Behind Planet’s Legendary Launch Pancakes
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Pancakes are a big deal at Planet. Ever since Dove 1 and Dove 2 launched on two separate rockets in April 2013—Planeteers have taken to the frying pan in preparation for each launch event.
Originally, the need for pancakes was serendipitous: Planet’s first launch happened at breakfast time on the west coast, just an hour after sunrise. The team had been staying up late in preparation for the big event and needed to be properly fueled up for launch. So Planeteers gathered at San Francisco HQ and clutched their plates of stacked hotcakes as they watched the live stream of Dove satellites flying up and away into the great beyond.
After that, Planeteers became sentimentally attached to the practice of eating pancakes, much like how those at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) make sure to eat peanuts at every launch. No matter what time of day the rocket lifts off, or where a Planeteer may be watching from, they always make sure to include pancakes.
When senior machine learning engineer Matt Ferraro was in Prague and couldn’t attend the party for the legendary “88 Launch” (where Planet launched the largest fleet of satellites in history) he went out of his ...

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