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Drew Ex Machina

The South Pacific Nighttime Sky as Seen from the ISS

4 Nov 2019, 14:01 UTC
The South Pacific Nighttime Sky as Seen from the ISS
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The goal of the CyMISS (Tropical Cyclone intensity Measurements from the ISS) project has been to acquire image sequences of intense tropical cyclones (TCs), such as hurricanes and typhoons, from the ISS to support the development of an improved remote sensing method to determine more accurately the strength of these destructive storms using stereoscopy. Supported by CASIS (Center for the Advancement of Science in Space) which manages the ISS US National Laboratory for NASA, this project has amassed a large collection of storm images during the last five years, many of which have been shared on this site and elsewhere (see the CyMISS page). As our team has been wrapping up our current CASIS-supported activities on the ISS, I have found some more images to share, not of the numerous storms we have observed, but of the nighttime sky as seen from the ISS.
This is a sample image (ISS058-E-23920) from the nighttime photography session of Tropical Cyclone Oma taken at 16:59:52 GMT on February 20, 2019. Click on the image for a full-resolution view. (NASA-JSC)
In the last phase of the CASIS-supported work on CyMISS, our team has been exploring improvements which can be made to our observing techniques. ...

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