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Astro Bob

Slow Down And Watch Orion Rise

3 Nov 2019, 21:56 UTC
Slow Down And Watch Orion Rise
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Earth’s spin speed varies according to latitude — fastest near the equator and slower at the poles. NASA with additions by the author
You’re spinning at something like 750 miles an hour (1,200 km/hr) as you read this. That’s approximately how fast the Earth rotates at mid-northern and mid-southern latitudes. At the equator it rotates even faster at around 1,000 miles per hour, while at the poles the speed drops to zero. We have have sensation of movement because everything in our environment from tables to trees is traveling at exactly the same rate. This makes it look like everything is standing still.
The same happens in an airplane or car. Once the vehicle reaches a steady speed everything in it travels at that speed. Cups and magazines remain in their places. The next time you fly in a plane close your eyes when you’re at cruising altitude, and you’ll have no sensation of movement only vibration from the air and engines. Of course if the plane suddenly accelerated or decelerated, we’d immediately experience the change in velocity and unattached objects would slide off the tray tables.
The Earth silently spins once every 23 hours and 56 minutes in relation ...

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