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First light for my 12-inch on an Equatorial Platform

16 Aug 2010, 02:13 UTC
First light for my 12-inch on an Equatorial Platform
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Almost three years I have been observing with my 12-inch Dobson from Orion Optics UK. I love to work with the Dobson. The setup goes very quickly (five minutes) and I'm ready to observe. I also like the fact that you can push the tube to any direction when starhopping, without having to use electronics. However, about one and a half year ago I took up sketching again, and very soon I noticed a big difference with my old telescope I used for sketching, an 8-inch Cassegrain mounted on an EQ-6. When using this set-up for sketching, the object stood perfectly still in the field of view, at any magnification.

With the Dobson however, at medium to high powers, the constant pushing of the tube to centre and re-centre the object during the process of sketching became annoying. But then again, I loved the views of my 12-inch Dobson compared to the 8-inch Cassegrain.

The conclusion was that, if I want to keep up the sketching, I had to by a new, larger telescope for my EQ6, because the 12-inch f5.3 is way to large for this mount. But then, why buy another telescope when I already got this ...

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