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Mercury transit, November 11, 2019

23 Oct 2019, 20:55 UTC
Mercury transit, November 11, 2019
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Starting around 1200 UTC (7:00 am ET) November 11, 2019, we will begin watching Mercury move into view against the corona of the Sun. This is about 45 minutes before it is visible against the Sun from the ground. We have created https://mercurytransit.gsfc.nasa.gov to let you watch this transit as short movies in almost real time. The transit lasts a little over 5.5 hours, ending as Mercury leaves the disk of the Sun about 1806 UTC but continues moving out through the corona for another 30 minutes. The image shows the predicted positions of Mercury against an AIA 1600 Å image from 1803 UTC October 23, 2019. The blue circles are about the size of Mercury and are spaced 30 minutes apart. There are no sunspots along the path of Mercury and the Sun shows very few signs of magnetic activity. The corona is also smaller than it has been, meaning Mercury will come into view in the EUV images less than an hour before 1st contact. Although we will be taking images all the time, the special modes will start 45 minutes before 1st contact and end 45 minutes after 4th contact. Along with the full-disk view of the ...

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