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NASA wants to encourage private space stations

10 Oct 2019, 08:26 UTC
NASA wants to encourage private space stations
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A vintage artist’s depiction of a space station. Image credit: Rick Guidice/NASA Ames Research Center
NASA is continuing to take steps to encourage companies to explore space station developments, both on the International Space Station and beyond.
The agency is fine-tuning a request for proposals targeting stand-alone space stations. The idea is to parallel the cargo services to the International Space Station that are currently flying and the lunar lander delivery system NASA is aiming to establish as an early component of its Artemis program to land humans on the Moon by 2024. The request comes after a former administrator called for more engagement from the industry, according to SpaceNews.
“Somebody’s got to come up with a business case that helps people understand that there is value in going into low Earth orbit,” Charles Bolden, who led NASA between 2009 and 2017, said at the National Academy of Engineering, according to SpaceNews.
You can see NASA’s draft request for proposals here.
“The government spent a lot of money allowing the private sector to go use this test facility so that they could step off and go make money,” Bolden said. “Jump off the International Space Station and build the low ...

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