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Astro Bob

Your Constellation Adventure Begins At The Great Square

6 Oct 2019, 20:47 UTC
Your Constellation Adventure Begins At The Great Square
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While driving one day north of Duluth, Minn. I found a painting of Pegasus the Winged Horse, one of fall’s most distinctive constellations, painted on the side of this barn. Bob King
Many of us would like to learn a few new constellations. Even I would. Although I know my way around the northern hemisphere sky parts of the southern hemisphere firmament are terra incognita. Or more accurately caelum (for sky) incognito. After teaching many classes about the night sky, that’s the hope of the majority of students — to find new constellations.
Look east at nightfall to spot the Great Square and the W of Cassiopeia the Queen. From there you can expand your constellation knowledge to Andromeda the Princess, Triangulum the Triangle and Perseus the Hero. The stars of the Square are labeled after baseball bases. If you go out at 9 p.m. all these groups will be higher up in the east and even easier to see. Stellarium
With that in mind we’ll start with autumn’s easiest star patterns, located in the eastern sky at nightfall, and expand from there. If you face east and look approximately halfway up between the horizon and the overhead point you’ll ...

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