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What would Hubble see from a distant galaxy?

1 Oct 2019, 10:47 UTC
What would Hubble see from a distant galaxy?
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Hubble’s Deep Field images have allowed us to look deeper into space than ever before. Image Credit: NASA
Asked by Jack Walker

A lot of other galaxies! The Hubble Space Telescope is often pointed out into deep space, by doing this scientists were able to use information about the most distant objects to calculate the age of the universe.

Some of Hubble’s most important images are called the Deep Field series. These images were taken by the telescope looking deeper into space than had ever been done before. By doing this it was hoped we could unlock more of the secrets of the universe. Information gained from these images includes the age of the universe, the rate at which it is expanding and even an estimate for the number of stars in the universe. As well as answering the big questions, Hubble has helped us to understand the formation of stars and galaxies among other things.

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