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Astro Bob

Be The First On Your Block To See Venus

30 Sep 2019, 18:03 UTC
Be The First On Your Block To See Venus
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Try for Venus tonight if it’s clear. Find a place with a wide open view to the west and sweep back and forth just above the horizon with binoculars to find the planet. 20 minutes after sunset Venus stands just about 2° high in the west and 18° (two fists) to the lower right of the 2-day-old crescent moon. Click here to find the time of local sunset to plan your observation. Stellarium
Hey, look who’s back! Venus has spent a lot of time near the sun in the sky. But as the leaves drop and the trees go bare in the coming weeks, the planet returns to bring cheer to the evening sky. For now it’s very low in the west shortly after sunset. If you live in the U.S. you’ll need a cloudless western sky and binoculars to spot it. I’m itching for a first look later this week after the rains pass. Click here for your sunset time.
Piqui Diáz of Ezeiza, Argentina (near Buenos Aires, latitude 35° S) climbed up on her roof to capture this image of Venus perched momentarily atop a radio antenna minutes after sunset on Sept. 23. Piqui Diáz
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