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Sci Foo for All?

30 Aug 2019, 18:53 UTC
Sci Foo for All?
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Last month, I attended Science Foo Camp. Foo stands for “Friends of O’Reilly,” which means the event is sponsored by O’Reilly Media, Google, Digital Science, and Nature. Each year, some 350 scientists from around the world convene in California for a jam-packed invitation-only self-organized unconference with more free food and drink than entirely reasonable.
Based on the few things I’d heard about Sci Foo, I expected it to be Very Good. But I didn’t have any concrete goals or expectations. I was mostly honored to be invited and excited to take my first solo trip post-breastfeeding. So, how was it?
On the first evening, after dinner and a couple of orientation activities, everyone was invited to pitch a session, unconference style. Here is a small sampling of what we came up with: Are you an advocate or a scientist? How is peer review broken? Help science work better. Design your life. Equity in science. Looking for aliens in the universe. Astronomy for a better world. Fixing labor and training in science and tech. Your doctor learns from YouTube. Managing climate futures. Is the next step driven by big data or big ideas? The sixth mass extinction. You, some astronomers, and ...

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