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Astro Bob

Meet My New Book — Urban Legends From Space

26 Aug 2019, 22:35 UTC
Meet My New Book — Urban Legends From Space
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The cover of my new book Urban Legends from Space will be published by Page Street Publishing on Oct. 15. Page Street Publishing
Are you tired about hearing how we never went to the moon? Or that contrails made by commercial aircraft are really chemicals sprayed on us hapless humans staring up from below? Then I’ve got the book for you.
This winter and spring I was hard at work writing my latest book. It’s about astronomy — my favorite subject — but with a twist. Instead of a guide to the universe per se it’s my attempt to clarify some common misunderstandings we have about the sky and its celestial inhabitants. For instance, there is no dark side of the moon. All sides see sunlight, and I explain why. Or why the most common form of matter in the universe isn’t solid, liquid or gas but something you can find at almost any bar … and we’re not talking craft beer.
Is that really Bigfoot on Mars? My book has answers! NASA / JPL-Caltech
Besides misconceptions I also examine some of the crazy “theories” bounding around the internet like electrically-charged comets, alien moon bases and provide a definitive answer ...

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