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Ask Ethan: Can Black Holes And Dark Matter Interact?

24 Aug 2019, 14:01 UTC
Ask Ethan: Can Black Holes And Dark Matter Interact?
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An illustration of an active black hole, one that accretes matter and accelerates a portion of it outwards in two perpendicular jets. The normal matter undergoing an acceleration like this describes how quasars work extremely well. The matter that falls into a black hole, of any variety, will be responsible for additional growth in both mass and event horizon size for the black hole, whether it’s normal matter or dark matter. (MARK A. GARLICK)Black holes are regions of extreme gravity, but dark matter barely interacts at all. Do they play well together?Black holes are some of the most extreme objects in the Universe: the only locations where there’s so much energy in a tiny volume of space that an event horizon gets created. When they form, atoms, nuclei, and even fundamental particles themselves are crushed down to an arbitrarily small volume — to a singularity — in our three-dimensional space. At the same time, everything that falls past the event horizon is forever doomed, simply adding to the black hole’s gravitational pull. What does that mean for dark matter? Patreon supporter kilobug asks:How does dark matter interact with black holes? Does it get sucked into the singularity like normal matter, ...

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