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Researchers watch Titanic shipwreck crumble

21 Aug 2019, 23:38 UTC
Researchers watch Titanic shipwreck crumble
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The prow of the Titanic wreck is quickly getting rustier, scientists say. (Atlantic Productions Photo)
Scientists and enthusiasts are due to visit the wreck of the Titanic next summer in a submersible built by Everett, Wash.-based OceanGate – but what will they see?
Based on a newly completed expedition, they’ll see a hulk that’s decomposing almost before their eyes.
That’s the word from members of a deep-ocean exploration team who visited the site, nearly 13,000 feet beneath the surface, during a 10-day expedition in late July and early August.
Team leaders included Caladan Oceanic explorer/pilot Victor Vescovo, Titanic historian Parks Stephenson and Rob McCallum of EYOS Expeditions. With the aid of a technical crew from Triton Submarines, they surveyed the wreck during a series of five dives in the DSSV Limiting Factor, a two-person Triton 36,000/2 submersible.
The exploration team captured 4K video footage of the wreck using cameras that were specially adapted for the bone-chilling, high-pressure environment of the deep. The imagery will be used in a forthcoming documentary film by Atlantic Productions – and transformed into photorealistic 3-D models of the Titanic site for augmented-reality and virtual-reality platforms.
Stephenson said he was shocked to see how the wreck ...

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