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Astro Bob

Lie On Your Back And Watch The Stars Go By

19 Aug 2019, 19:05 UTC
Lie On Your Back And Watch The Stars Go By
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Lying on one’s back is the way to go when it comes to stargazing especially in the summer months. If you fall asleep, what could be better? Louis Raemaekers
What better way to watch the stars than on your back with hands tucked behind your head. The coolness of the grass and contact with the Earth feel so comfortable. Easy on the neck, too.
Let me suggest you face south. That way you’re aligned with the meridian, an imaginary semi-circle that starts at the due south point of the southern horizon, passes directly overhead and then intersects the northern horizon at the due north point. Stars rise in the east (your left side) and set in the west (your right side). A cool fact about the meridian — when a star crosses the line, it’s highest in the sky.
Earth’s the best spaceship there ever was. You don’t have to suit up — at least not in August in the northern hemisphere — the atmospheric pressure is just right and the view is more expansive than staring out the window of a starship. OK, it would be nice to be weightless, but sprawled on the planet isn’t bad either. When ...

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