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Astro Bob

Nights Of The Barley Moon

14 Aug 2019, 22:28 UTC
Nights Of The Barley Moon
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The nearly full moon shines above Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge one August ago. The traditional name of the August full moon is the Sturgeon Moon, but it’s also named Barley, Grain and Green Corn Moon. Full moon names are all associated with the seasons. Bob King
Just a reminder that the moon will be full around 8:30 tomorrow morning (Aug. 14) Central Time. That means both tonight and tomorrow night the moon will rise about 99.5 percent full. For most of us it will appear full with the naked eye and only betray a slight out-of-roundness in binoculars or a telescope.
Here are some things to look for with the naked eye or binoculars tonight and tomorrow. The lunar “seas” are dark areas blasted out by asteroids between about 3 and 3.5 billion years ago that later filled with magma from deep below the crust. Craters look like white spots compared to their more three-dimensional appearance at half-phase. Bob King
The full moon is by far the worse time to see all the the rough and subtle details that low-slanted sunlight coaxes from the craters and valleys that carve the lunar landscape. The sun shines straight into the moon’s “face” ...

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