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Astro Bob

August Dawns Hint Of Seasonal Change

11 Aug 2019, 18:57 UTC
August Dawns Hint Of Seasonal Change
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Although I got up this morning to see Perseid meteors this photo captures an airplane and a sporadic meteor (non-Perseid) cutting across Orion just about his belt. Can you tell which is which? Bob King
Earth is back to rationing daylight. After summer’s surplus, we see and feel it slipping away in earlier sunsets and later sunrises. Here in Duluth, Minn. we’ve lost 40 minutes of daylight in the evening compared to the first day of summer. Sunrise times have eased back as well with a gain of another 45 minutes. Less apparent but just as significant is the length of twilight. It gets darker faster now to the tune of a half-hour at both dusk and dawn.
Like you I’ve seen this seasonal tip toward fall, but it really hit me only this morning. I got up after moonset to watch the Perseid meteor shower from a dark sky. When I arrived back home in the early light of dawn I was struck by the absence of birdsong. We get used to hearing the early birds during spring and much of the summer. This morning they were silent. Sigh.
Earth’s axis maintains a 23.5 tilt as it orbits the ...

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