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Rivalling Juno, Hubble snaps stunning views of Jupiter

8 Aug 2019, 17:04 UTC
Rivalling Juno, Hubble snaps stunning views of Jupiter
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The Hubble Space Telescope captured this colourful view of Jupiter on 27 June from a distance of 645 million kilometres (400 million miles). Image: NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center), M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley)
Pictures from NASA’s Juno spacecraft as it orbits Jupiter are unrivalled for the close-up views they provide, but the Hubble Space Telescope still manages to amaze thanks to its perch high above Earth’s discernible atmosphere. As part of a project to study changes in the atmospheres of the outer planets, Hubble took this remarkable shot of Jupiter on 27 June, at a distance of 644 million kilometres (400 million miles), revealing more intense colours than seen in previous years.
“Among the most striking features in the image are the rich colours of the clouds moving toward the Great Red Spot, a storm rolling counterclockwise between two bands of clouds,” the Hubble project said in a release. “These two cloud bands, above and below the Great Red Spot, are moving in opposite directions. The red band above and to the right (northeast) of the Great Red Spot contains clouds moving westward and around the north of the giant tempest. The white clouds to ...

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