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Astro Bob

Crescents Everywhere

30 Jul 2019, 21:10 UTC
Crescents Everywhere
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A striking crescent showed up in a piece of cut and split birch wood in my woodpile. It looks like a partial branch that the tree grew around — just a guess. There’s even a “star” to the right. The twin symbols resemble the emblem on the Turkish flag. Bob King
This weekend my wife and stacked three cords of wood — two of oak and one of birch. It was one the hottest jobs I’ve done in a long, long time. My shirt and pants were soaked with sweat, but what a satisfying sight to see all that neatly stacked wood. Back in the house with the blessed fan blasting on high I peered out the window to admire our work. Oh, the beauty. We crave the tangible — efforts that yield results you can see.
In the course of bending down and lifting nearly 1,000 pieces of split wood one piece stood out. On on end I immediately recognized a crescent moon with a companion “dark star” that strongly resembled the emblem of moon and star on the Turkish flag. Well, I just HAD to take a photo. The wooden moon also inspired me to get up early ...

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