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Sunspot #1093 and a large solar flare

8 Aug 2010, 01:08 UTC
Sunspot #1093 and a large solar flare
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I guess it is time to say hello to the new solar cycle!.Having seen sunspot #1093 emerge on the eastern limb,I made plans to have the scope out for a day of imaging.The newest sunspot is/was almost identical to sunspot #1092.Both in size and in approximate latitude on the suns northern hemisphere.With clear skies and seasonal temps I set up my equipment and waited for the scope to cool down and it wasn’t long before I took my first image of the new sunspot in white light and was pleasantly surprised to see a small sunspot (designated #1095) almost directly below ss #1093 in the southern hemisphere.Both massive sunspots are round in shape with obvious structure.This is both caused from sheer size and clean skies.Having clean skies around here is a novelty given the humidity this time of year and just like clock work…the skies started to become a bit soupy by the end of the session.

Below is sunspot #1092 as it approaches the western limb.
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Below is sunspot #1093 and just below that is sunspot #1095
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After 20 minutes of imaging in white light I decided to get some images of ...

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