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Astro Bob

What Happens Under The Stars While We Sleep

27 Jun 2019, 19:56 UTC
What Happens Under The Stars While We Sleep
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Looking northwest at dusk earlier this week. The muted pastel light is caused by sunlight reflecting off air and dust in the atmosphere. I always make a point to look for blue-colored wisps of noctilucent clouds along the horizon in June and July, the best time to see these high-altitude clouds. Noctilucent means “night-shining.” These clouds catch the sun’s rays long after all the others have faded to gray. More info here. Bob King
To see a favorite planet or maybe a new comet in the night sky you might have to stay up late or get up early before sunrise. On other nights you may intend to get to bed but get caught up in the beauty and flow of the night and stay out way past your bedtime. Both happened to me.
I hoped to find a couple of comets early Tuesday night and sneak in a look at Jupiter from my dark-sky site but found it almost impossible to leave. First, twilight now lasts deep into the night. Where I live it doesn’t get dark until nearly midnight. What to do? Look at bright planets in the telescope and appreciate dusk’s slow pulse. The glow across the ...

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