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Opportunity Sol 543 (Spirit Sol 564)

4 Aug 2010, 16:22 UTC
Opportunity Sol 543 (Spirit Sol 564)
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"Wow, Scott, you're batting a thousand this week." Jeff Favretto is right: I'm on a roll and I know it. Once again, Opportunity is right where she's supposed to be, peeking over (and actually perched on) a small ripple, with a patch of outcrop just on the other side, lying dead center in the next trough.The science team, having been long denied any rock targets to sink the rover's teeth into, wants us to put 'em right on top of it. So that's our plan. We could head straight for it, but if we did that we'd be crossing the ripple somewhat obliquely, and the right side would pass through a patch of relatively soft-looking stuff, which can hurt our precision. So we settle on a different approach, turning left and scooting directly across the ripple where we are, then turning right and heading down the trough onto the outcrop.And now we have naming of parts. Larry asks for a name for the target we're trying to get into our IDD workspace in this drive. I point out that from overhead the outcrop looks like an ice-cream cone -- we're going to be driving along the cone and parking with ...

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