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Astro Bob

Music To Contemplate The Night Sky

12 Jun 2019, 15:19 UTC
Music To Contemplate The Night Sky
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Music is your passport to the galaxies and beyond. NASA / Hubble Heritage Team
I know you like astronomy. Do you also like music that evokes the wonder and mystery of the night sky? When I’m out in the countryside observing I listen to nature, but at home I’ll keep a radio on in the background. When I hear something that fits the mood I try to catch the name of the piece so I can get my own copy.
I’m a big classical nut and have been ever since age 11 when I first heard Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, famous for its cannon volleys and powerful rhythms. I still like pulsating classical and rock alike, but at night my ears seek music’s quieter, contemplative side, an aspect more in sync with the vibe we get when soaking up a starry sky.
Before I give you my list, longtime astronomy educator and music lover Andrew Fraknoi has been hard at work on a list of his own. Fraknoi loves going to the symphony and often incorporates music into his astronomy teachings. Over his long career he’s created a lovely catalog of Music Inspired by Astronomy. True to its title, Fraknoi only ...

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