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Opportunity Sol 541 (Spirit Sol 562)

2 Aug 2010, 15:02 UTC
Opportunity Sol 541 (Spirit Sol 562)
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"It's way too early to be driving rovers," mutters Jeff Favretto. I must agree. It's 07:00, and it's a tight sol -- meaning our uplink is just a few hours away -- so we have to get a lot done, with little room for error.Fortunately, Mars is kind to us thisol. The previous drive didn't go quite where it was meant to, but it made good progress and left us at the entry of a fairly wide trough that extends for another 25m or so. At that point, it's hard to tell what happens; there are ripples blocking our path, but they're not too scary-looking. Still, we don't want to try to cross them thisol. So this will be a simple, straight drive, about 24m down the trench. We'll stop after a few meters to PCAM an outcrop ("Zurich") just in front of us, but otherwise there's not much special about it.I'm pretty well done with the sequence in maybe four hours, leaving me time to handle another of Susan Kurtik's tour groups. This one I take up into the SOWG room, since there's a moderate-fidelity full-scale rover model in there now. This model is named "Bubba." I am not ...

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