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Astro Bob

June Means Jupiter At Its Brightest And Closest

29 May 2019, 17:43 UTC
June Means Jupiter At Its Brightest And Closest
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You can’t miss it! I took this photo around 11:30 p.m. on May 25. The planet lies about one fist (10°) east or left of the bright reddish star Antares in Scorpius the scorpion in front a dark patch of sky in the middle of the Milky Way called the Great Dark Horse. Bob King
Maybe you’ve already noticed that bright star low in the southeastern sky around bedtime. That’s Jupiter, the biggest planet and a welcome sight in the evening sky. For months now, Mars has been the only planetary presence, and it’s been fading away in the west like a cooling ember. Jupiter has come to save the day as it does once every 13 months when it lines up with the Earth and sun at opposition.
Jupiter reaches opposition on June 10 to start a season of easy viewing. Bob King
That’s when the two planets are paired up on the same side of the sun and closest to one another. Closest also means brightest. Jupiter will shine at magnitude –2.6, about the same brightness as a good pass of the International Space Station.
Because Jupiter’s on one side of the Earth and the sun on the ...

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