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Astro Bob

Summer Ascends In The East At Nightfall

12 May 2019, 20:46 UTC
Summer Ascends In The East At Nightfall
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A nearly full moon casts my shadow on a road in Duluth. Man, is my head small! Bob King
The moon’s waxing brighter now. I notice the change in the intensity of its light during my nightly walks. Under a thin crescent, my shadow is dim and lean, but by half-moon dark and distinct. A half-moon also provides enough light to read the landscape and see the creatures of the night like deer and skunks. I really like seeing skunks before I meet them.
As the moon brightens it also makes the sky grow paler and diminishes the both the brilliance and number of stars we see. That’s because the air diffuses and scatter moonlight across the entire sky. But no matter the lunar phase the brightest stars always push through even in washed-out skies.
Find a place with a good eastern exposure to see and appreciate one the biggest patterns in the sky — the Summer Triangle. Each bright star in the Triangle heads up a constellation. The Northern Cross is actually a swan called Cygnus with Deneb marking the fowl’s tail. Lyra is a small harp called a lyre. Stellarium
Three of them now join forces in the ...

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