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Astro Bob

Crescent Moon Hangs Over The Hyades Tonight

7 May 2019, 00:52 UTC
Crescent Moon Hangs Over The Hyades Tonight
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Watch for the return of the crescent moon tonight. It will stand about 10° (one fist) 40 minutes after sunset. Stellarium
I’ve been so busy today it only occurred to me now to alert you to a very nice sight in the western sky this evening. A 2-day crescent will shine just above the Hyades star cluster and the star Aldebaran 35 minutes to an hour after sunset. Look low in the west-northwest for the moon, then look below the crescent either naked-eye or better, with binoculars, to see how many of the Hyades you can still see.
The Hyades are a beautiful winter star cluster that’s now so low in the west, this week will be the last to see much of it before it moves into the daytime sky. The moon meanwhile will move upward in the coming nights, growing brighter and filling out. Enjoy!

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