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Where Are The #Moon2024 Lunar EVA Suits?

1 May 2019, 18:20 UTC
Where Are The #Moon2024 Lunar EVA Suits?
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If true, more evidence #moon2024 is a political stunt designed to help Trump win re-election instead of a serious plan to help America. https://t.co/EeHvDQOB95— brianweeden (@brianweeden) May 1, 2019

We will have EVA suits, get out, and do meaningful work.— Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) May 1, 2019

NASA OIG: NASA's Management and Development of Spacesuits

"NASA continues to manage an array of design and health risks associated with the EMUs used by ISS crew. In addition, only 11 of the 18 original EMU Primary Life Support System units - a backpack-like structure that performs a variety of functions required to keep an astronaut alive during a spacewalk - are still in use, raising concerns that the inventory may not be adequate to last through the planned retirement of the ISS. Given these issues, NASA will be challenged to continue to support ISS needs with the current fleet of EMUs through 2024, a challenge that will escalate significantly if Station operations are extended to 2028.

Despite spending nearly $200 million on NASA's next-generation spacesuit technologies, the Agency remains years away from having a flight-ready spacesuit capable of replacing the EMU or suitable for use on future exploration missions. As different missions require ...

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