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Deloitte reports on technology forces reshaping space sector

15 Apr 2019, 12:00 UTC
Deloitte reports on technology forces reshaping space sector
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COLORADO SPRINGS – Emerging digital technologies and innovative operating models will expand the role of space in multiple economic sectors, according to, “Tech Trends 2019: Space industry perspective,” a report released April 15 by Deloitte.
In the past, space technologies like GPS often disrupted the status quo in other industries. Now, technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented reality “can disrupt the status quo of what we currently think of as space technology by advancing it, optimizing it or making it cheaper, faster or more accessible,” said Jeff Matthews, Deloitte specialist leader focused on space innovation, finance and technology.
After ten years of publishing annual reports on technology trends affecting companies broadly, Deloitte produced a report focused on the space industry because “there is so much happening in space right now that mirrors what we are seeing happening in technology and innovation,” said Brett Loubert, a principal in Deloitte’s federal consulting practice.
Many new space startups are software companies at heart, Matthews told SpaceNews at the 35th Space Symposium. “They are leveraging software to exploit the hardware that has been developed or to push it into new mission sets,” he added.
Companies rely on artificial intelligence, for example, to digest ...

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