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Astro Bob

Spring Stars Bring A Fresh Perspective To April Nights

3 Apr 2019, 17:11 UTC
Spring Stars Bring A Fresh Perspective To April Nights
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There they go! Orion and many of the winter constellations tilt westward in April as they beat an exit from the spring night sky. Bob King
April nights brings many new constellations into view as Sirius, Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades nod off in the west. That good old winter foursome remains one of my favorite sights. This time of year they’re all level with each another at the end of twilight, forming a gigantic asterism across the southwestern and western sky. Turning to face east, I see Leo, Hydra, Corvus, Virgo, Boötes and Corona Borealis filling the firmament with new possibilities.
Constellation figures are beautifully illustrated in Urania’s Mirror, a star atlas made in 1825. Perched on Hydra is Corvus the crow (below center). At far left is Noctua the owl, an obsolete constellation no longer recognized. Urania’s Mirror
Spring stars lack the brilliance of their winter neighbors, but have their own distinctive patterns. Two easy favorites are Corvus the crow and Corona Borealis the northern crown. Corvus struts along one of the coils of Hydra the water snake , the biggest constellation in the sky. If you like a challenge, start at Leo (high in south) and follow ...

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