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Opportunity Sol 530 (Spirit Sol 551)

22 Jul 2010, 07:47 UTC
Opportunity Sol 530 (Spirit Sol 551)
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After all that ... after all that work, we barely even moved. The first step of the drive was a 15-degree turn-in-place -- from 150 degrees to 165 degrees. Applying conservative limits in the spirit of our current rules of the road, we allowed 15 seconds for this turn. This should have been plenty of time, since the rover nominally turns at a rate of 2 degrees per second.But there was something we didn't know: since the steering actuator stuck on Opportunity's right front wheel, she's been turning more slowly. More like 1 degree per second. On top of that, there's some fixed setup time (for example, to steer the other wheels to the right position). What with one thing and another, the turn timed out. So nothing else happened -- we just changed our heading a bit.Just to pour salt in the wound, it timed out at a heading of 164.949 -- just 0.051 of a degree from the commanded heading. Another tenth of a second would have been plenty.We discovered all this when the data came down yesterday afternoon. Since then I've been brooding about one of the decisions we made with this drive, specifically the decision to ...

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