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Drew Ex Machina

Drew Ex Machina 5th Anniversary: Top Ten Posts

27 Mar 2019, 13:36 UTC
Drew Ex Machina 5th Anniversary: Top Ten Posts
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I find it difficult to believe but, it was five years ago today that I posted the first article on my then-new web site, Drew Ex Machina. In that first article, “A Europa-Io Sample Return Mission”, I outlined how the hardware for the Discovery-class LIFE (Life Investigation For Enceladus) sample return mission proposed by a group headed by Peter Tsou (JPL) could be adapted for a mission to return samples from the purported plumes of Europa as well as the ever-present volcanic fountains of Io. Since then, I have published another 267 articles on space history, my remote sensing work on the ISS, potentially habitable exoplanets as well as many other space-related topics. To mark this anniversary, I wanted to share the ten most popular posts published during the first five years of Drew Ex Machina based on a raw tally of their page views. If you are interested in checking out any of these articles for yourself, they can be accessed by clicking on the titles or the feature images in the reviews that follow.

Apollo 6 shown during its ascent as debris is seen coming off of its spacecraft launch adapter (SLA). (NASA)
#10 Apollo 6: ...

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