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Astro Bob

Get Ready For The Spring Equinox Supermoon Mash-Up

19 Mar 2019, 20:17 UTC
Get Ready For The Spring Equinox Supermoon Mash-Up
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Last month’s full moon supermoon rises over ice-covered Lake Superior in Duluth, Minn. Bob King
Spring feels good. I like the sound of it. I wrung as much cold-night observing, shoveling and cross-country skiing out of winter as I could. There were days I thought my hands would never warm up. So now I’m ready for a change, and you probably are too. Good thing spring’s on the horizon. That’s not all. Only hours after the season begins on Wednesday March 20 at 4:58 p.m. Central Time, the Full Worm Moon supermoon rises in the eastern sky. A beautiful coincidence and all the more reason to celebrate the equinox.
Earth’s axis maintains a 23.5 tilt as it orbits the sun, but its changing position in orbit causes the axis to point toward, away and sideways to the sun during the year. On the first day of spring (March 20) it’s neither tipped toward nor away from the sun but evenly illuminated from the side, the reason day and night are equal across the planet. Sonoma University with additions by the author
You’ve already noticed that the sun is a lot higher than it was back in December. It’s been creeping ...

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