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Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Planetary Society)

20 Jul 2010, 00:51 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Planetary Society)
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Last weeks Carnival of Space was hosted by Emily Lakdawalla upon The Planetary Society, which featured articles ranging from deadly space weather to the first solar flight (from Japan at least) to questions on when humanity will revisit the Moon.
Articles of interest from within our star system included:

Paul Sutherland of SkyMania reports that Titan’s methane lakes are depleting due to the mid summer season.
Aron Sora from Habitation Intention highlights silly arguments against colonizing our star system (and how to overcome them).
Our host Emily Lakdawalla blogs about a close encounter of the rocky kind, displaying images of enormous space boulders in mid-celestial dance.

Be sure to read the rest of the articles, and for those of you desiring to join our rowdy space ranks, be sure to contact Universe Today for more info on how to join our growing numbers.
(Image Credit: JAXA)

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