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NASA preps next mission for the ISS

26 Feb 2019, 10:11 UTC
NASA preps next mission for the ISS
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An image taken from the International Space Station shows orange swaths of airglow hovering in Earth’s atmosphere. Image credit: NASA
NASA has selected a new mission that will help scientists understand and, ultimately, forecast the vast space weather system around our planet. Space weather is important because it can have profound impacts – affecting technology and astronauts in space, disrupting radio communications and, at its most severe, overwhelming power grids.
The new experiment will, for the first time, obtain global observations of an important driver of space weather in a dynamic region of Earth’s upper atmosphere that can cause interference with radio and GPS communications.
The Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) mission will cost $42 million (£32 million) and is planned to launch in August 2022, attached to the exterior of the Earth-orbiting International Space Station (ISS). From its space station perch, AWE will focus on colourful bands of light in Earth’s atmosphere, called airglow, to determine what combination of forces drive space weather in the upper atmosphere.
Researchers once thought that only the Sun’s constant outflow of ultraviolet light and particles, the solar wind, could affect the region. However, recently they have learned that solar variability is not enough to ...

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