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Astro Bob

See Jupiter In The Daytime? Try Weds. Morning!

25 Feb 2019, 18:18 UTC
See Jupiter In The Daytime? Try Weds. Morning!
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You can easily see three planets about a hour or so before sunrise lined across the southern sky on late February and early March mornings. Jupiter and the moon make an eye-catching duo Wednesday. Stellarium
The morning sky planets have been shuffled and reshuffled over the past few months. Their order is now set from east to west: Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, and the threesome won’t cross paths again until the late fall when Venus returns to the evening sky. This Wednesday, Feb. 27 at dawn, the thick lunar crescent will pass only about 1.5° (three moon diameters) north of Jupiter. This pretty sight will be easy to see no matter where you live. Take a look out the window before you head to work or school.
Each panel shows the moon and Jupiter across 4 time zones around the time of local sunrise. The moon moves slowly from right to left (west to east) over the 4 hours because it’s orbiting the Earth. Stellarium
If you have a little extra time or if you get up late and miss sunrise, you have a great opportunity to see Jupiter in broad daylight. Because the planet is so close to the ...

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