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Astro Bob

Let Arcturus Show You The Way To Spring

22 Feb 2019, 18:14 UTC
Let Arcturus Show You The Way To Spring
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Look for Arcturus around 10 p.m. below the Big Dipper. Come early March, it rises an hour earlier. Stellarium
Checking the sky last night I spotted a flaming new star in the northeastern sky — Arcturus. I like a nice, chewy name. This one comes from the ancient Greek Arktouros meaning bear-watcher. It’s a good fit because Arcturus trails just behind the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear, its orange eye ever focused on the animal.
This is the real scene under the night sky. Can you find the Dipper and Arcturus? Bob King
As early as first darkness, you can spot the Big Dipper (the brightest part of the Great Bear) standing on its handle in the northeastern sky. Arcturus first becomes visible below the handle, also the bear’s tail, around 10 o’clock. Just follow the tail’s arc down toward the horizon, and you’ll run right into the star. Last night, it sputtered and flashed over the more than five feet of snow piled along my driveway. A welcome sight!
Arcturus makes its first before-bedtime appearance in the evening sky every February just about the time winter starts feeling long. For many skywatchers it’s a sure sign of ...

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