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Astro Bob

Mercury Makes An Appearance / Supermoon Pleasures

19 Feb 2019, 16:38 UTC
Mercury Makes An Appearance / Supermoon Pleasures
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A big, bright moon rises among bare branches yesterday evening. Bob King
Wow, what a moon last night! I suppose I swoon for every full moon. Each is an occasion unto itself. Winter full moons might be best — they climb high in the sky, and all that light gets reflected and amplified by the snow-covered landscape. I was amazed at how much moon-tinged sunlight filled the yard. For a second, I wondered if I’d forgotten to turn off the garage light. I swear I could have read a book by that light. Maybe tonight if it’s clear.
Mercury will put in a nice appearance now through the first few days of March. Right now, it shines at magnitude -1, nearly as bright as Sirius. Look for it just to the south (left) of west about 7°-10° high 40 minutes after sunset well below the planet Mars. The constellation figures are included for reference. The planet will climb a little higher in the west as the week goes on. Stellarium
Tonight’s full moon will be a bit closer to full than last night’s and rise shortly after sunset. Have your camera and binoculars ready to record and enjoy the sight. ...

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