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Dramatic Meteorite Fall, Sonic Booms In Cuba

2 Feb 2019, 16:40 UTC
Dramatic Meteorite Fall, Sonic Booms In Cuba
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Meteorite fall over Cuba. This video includes the boom which sounds like a gunshot.
Boom! That’s what the residents of Viñales in western Cuba heard coming from the sky yesterday afternoon around 1:15 p.m. local time. Seconds earlier, Floridians watched a bright meteor streak the sky headed southwest. By the time it reached western Cuba, the meteoroid had plunged deep enough into the atmosphere to shatter to pieces, some of which survived and landed on the ground and rooftops as meteorites.

A close-up look at the fragments
In the videos you can see the fresh, gray-black “char” on the stones called fusion crust caused by heating in the atmosphere. Cosmic rocks enter the atmosphere at extreme speeds from about 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph. Because they spend so little time in the air, only the outer millimeter or two gets melted with the inside remaining intact. The second video offers a good look at some of the fragments. We can clearly see that it’s a stony meteorite, probably a chondrite, the most common variety.

Midway through you’ll see a meteorite with red marks on it
Pause the video for a closer look at the texture of the stones. See those ...

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