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Astro Bob

Colorful Supermoon Eclipse Delights Skywatchers

21 Jan 2019, 18:23 UTC
Colorful Supermoon Eclipse Delights Skywatchers
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The moon looked fairly dark during the eclipse with a lot of deep orange coloration. This photo was taken through a 4-inch refracting telescope and shows several stars near the moon during totality. Details: ISO 1600, 1-second exposure. Bob King
I hope you had a great night watching the moon. For some of us it cleared in just the nick of time. Things looked grim for a time here in Duluth. Lake Superior-inspired snow clouds packed the sky from horizon to horizon just before eclipse time. But by the time the funny, gray penumbra became noticeable, the sky broke and we all cheered.
I shared the eclipse with a group of people at a local church. We used our eyes, binoculars and a telescope to watch the shadow slowly devour the bright full moon and its color turn from silver-white to deep orange. The umbral shadow was a dark, ash-gray when it first appeared along the eastern edge of the moon, but color soon followed. Binoculars showed a deep, burnt, smoky red about 15 minutes into partial eclipse. We all noticed the color without optical aid when the moon was about 25 percent covered in shadow.
Eclipse-watchers take pictures of ...

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