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Astro Bob

The Spectacle That Is Venus And Jupiter At Dawn

20 Jan 2019, 20:38 UTC
The Spectacle That Is Venus And Jupiter At Dawn
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Venus (top) and Jupiter shine over a bank of “steam fog” along an icy stretch of Lake Superior beach near Duluth this morning (Jan. 20). The two are visible at dawn low in the southeastern sky. This morning the two were 3° apart. Bob King
Have you been busy with eclipse preparations the past week? Tonight’s finally the night. But I wanted to alert you to another stunning little show happening about 4 hours after the eclipse ends. Just before the start of dawn and continuing into dawn, Venus and Jupiter make a remarkable sight together in the southeastern sky. The two planets will be closest on the morning of Jan. 22, when they’re separated by just 2.4°, but they’ll be close throughout the coming week.
This animation shows the two planets approaching and then separating between Jan. 21 and 26. Venus is the top one. The constellation Scorpius is at right. Stellarium
I got up to see them this morning. I’ll admit I was fearful of spending much time in –20° F temperatures with a wind to boot, but I survived with a smile on my face. Sister Venus and Brother Jupiter were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You can watch them slide ...

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