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Opportunity Sol 523 (Spirit Sol 544)

15 Jul 2010, 03:09 UTC
Opportunity Sol 523 (Spirit Sol 544)
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I was worried about yestersol's drive -- needlessly, as it turns out. (I can't believe I'm still doing that.) It went damn near perfectly, putting us about 10cm from our goal.Now that we're here, it looks like the way ahead of us is not scary after all. Quite the contrary: with only the FHAZ and a single NCAM wedge to go by, we can drive about 20m down a nice smooth lane, with only a bit of leftward curve to follow the trough.John Callas has brought a couple of blind students in to observe. I have some time before the SOWG starts, so I talk with them a little. They're eager and enthusiastic (who can blame them?). John told me about them the other day, floating the idea of having one or more of them shadow a rover driver for a while. I told him I'd be happy to help with this, but wasn't sure exactly how we'd achieve that -- it's a very visual job. But we'll figure something out. In the meanwhile, they're going to help make our Web pages more accessible to blind people, or something.Since the way ahead of us is clear, the SOWG grants us ...

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