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Monsters in miniature

14 Jan 2019, 13:53 UTC
Monsters in miniature
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Title: AGN feedback in dwarf galaxies?Authors: Gohar Dashyan, Joseph Silk, Gary A. Mamon, Yohan Dubois, Tilman HartwigFirst Author’s Institution: Institut d’Astrophysique de ParisStatus: Published in MNRAS, open access on arXiv Cosmological simulations using our best model of the Universe, ΛCDM, do a pretty good job of reproducing large-scale structure. But when you look closely, on smaller scales, things start to get complicated. Dwarf galaxies, the building blocks of larger structure, present a number of problems. Such significant problems in fact, that many of them have names (and are listed on Wikipedia’s unsolved problems in physics page). The “missing satellite problem” describes the fact that simulations predict many more dwarfs to exist around massive galaxies like the Milky Way than are actually observed. A proposed solution to this is that, while many dwarf satellites exist, only the most massive actually have enough stars to be visible. Unfortunately this gives rise to yet another challenge, dubbed the “too-big-to-fail” problem: these visible satellites would, therefore, have to be much more massive than those observed in the local group. To resolve the problem, some additional physics is required to suppress the formation of the largest dwarf galaxies.These are just two of ten issues arising ...

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