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The Road to Endeavour

215 Days…

10 Jan 2019, 08:19 UTC
215 Days…
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It’s now been 215 days since Opportunity last made contact with Earth. In mid-June a raging dust storm enveloped Mars, cutting off her precious sunlight, plunging her into darkness and putting her to sleep. Since then the MER team has tried repeatedly to contact her and help her to wake up and resume her martian wanderings, but without success. And as the days tick by people are wondering how much longer efforts to regain contact will continue. Some are even asking how long they SHOULD continue – and if the time has come to finally admit defeat and declare Oppy’s mission over.
My response to that is probably no surprise…

But what about the MER team itself? How are they feeling as the silent sols tick by?
The latest MER Update for the Planetary Society, by writer AJS Rayl, makes it clear that the team is still optimistic and positive, and are in no mood for giving up yet! January’s winds may yet scour some dust off Opportunity and provide her with enough power to rouse her from her slumber, and their efforts to regain contact with Oppy will continue for as long as possible.
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